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A Nonprofit Organization Helping Vulnerable Children in Honduras

Your support of Hope for His Children International, our nonprofit organization in Jacksonville, Florida, allows us to provide vulnerable Honduran children with the love, care, and affection they deeply desire and deserve. The Hope of Jesus Children's Home is committed to helping children in need in Honduras through your charitable donations. Donating to our nonprofit organization allows you an opportunity to make a difference in a child's life forever.

The children who live in our home have no one capable of caring for them and will remain with us until their family situation drastically improves or until they grow to be independent young adults. Your support of our nonprofit organization allows these children to know they are loved. Contact us today to give of your time, talents, or treasures in support of this worthy, God-given cause.

Mission & Vision of the Hope of Jesus Children's Home
The Hope of Jesus Children's Home exists to provide protection and daily care for orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable children in Honduras. We offer our children a safe home with Christian values, a loving family environment, and improved opportunities for their future. We aspire to raise healthy boys and girls in the love of God and the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, empowering them to become competent young leaders in their communities.

Where Is Our Home?
The Hope of Jesus Children's Home is located in a beautiful rural town in northern Honduras. Our country town is an ideal place to raise young children.

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